Welcome to the EMASeasy website

With the maxim ’10 people, 10 pages, 10 days’, EMASeasy is designed with small and micro businesses in mind. It is based on the Eco-mapping© concept, where the business is mapped – in terms of both location and internal processes – to identify its environmental aspects. Using simple and sequential tables and prompts, smaller businesses can develop an Environmental Management System (EMS) and either register for EMAS or achieve certification to ISO 14001.

EMASeasy is typically facilitated by a consultant in clusters of, perhaps, five to ten organisations and, apart from the simplicity that the visual mapping process offers, it has proven to be an excellent tool in developing environmental understanding. It has also been demonstrated that certification bodies can achieve certification or verification in clusters in a shorter time than that normally taken.

EMASeasy has been developed by Heinz Werner Engel, executive director of the Belgian based consultancy, Eco-Conseil Entreprise and supported by DG Environment.

The EMASeasy brochure is protected by author's right. Commercial use of EMASeasy is authorized for Consultants only with prior qualification. Indeed Consultants who would like to use the methodology on a commercial basis must demonstrate adequate competence and support for the undertaking and must complete a dedicated capacity building program.

All the accredited EMASeasy™ consultants have been selected and trained following a specific process. The minimum requirements for becoming an accredited EMASeasy ™ consultant are :

1. To have had environmental related work expérience

2. To have participated in a 3 days "Face to Face" training  programme, delivered by an accredited EMASeasy™ trainer

3. To have coached at least 2 SME's in implementing an EMS using the EMASeasy™ methodology, and at least 1 of the 2 SME's has to be successfully audited by an third party auditor*

4. To have communicated 2 short reports based on the experience with the 2 SME's (1 page maximum including images and results)

5. To have participated in the continuous improvement of our professional capacities

The costs related to the the EMASeasy™ Users and Intellectual properties rights consist in a unique fee payable after the « Face to Face training ».

The coaching of the 2 organisations, together with the case study report and the successful third party audit of at least 1 of the 2 SME's have allowed consultants to receive a « Certificate of Competences ». Those certificates have an identification number and are published for free on the www.emaseasy.eu website for 12 months following their release."